Market Outlook

Russian equities rose last week on the back of rising crude oil prices as well as strong financial results for many Russian companies and investor expectations that this would lead to higher dividends. 
The Russian equity market contracted in USD terms and increased in rouble terms last week. The fall in USD terms was likely due to the effect of the rouble, which surprisingly weakened, while the oil price increased by 2.8% in USD terms.


The Russian equity market fell last week in USD terms, echoing its emerging market peers as the MSCI EM index contracted by 0.8% in US dollar terms. The stock of Magnit continued to put additional pressure on the market, as investor were disappointed with the third quarter results of the company. 

The Russian equity market edged down last week along with other emerging markets, as the MSCI EM index contracted by 0.6% in USD terms. 
The Russian equity market rose last week in US dollar terms, while gains in rouble terms were marginal due to the currency appreciating.
The Russian equity market changed marginally in USD terms, even though the Brent crude price fell by 1.6% in US dollar terms. The market’s main support likely came from investor anticipation that some companies would release healthy third quarter operational and financial results. Meanwhile, the equity market rose in rouble terms, supported by the currency’s depreciation.
The Russian equity market edged up slightly during the week, outperforming other emerging countries as the MSCI EM index fell by 1.9% in USD terms. 
The Russian equity market ended last week flat. Brent crude price rose by 2.4% in USD terms as investors had anticipated it would, following the OPEC meeting in Vienna on Friday.