TKB Investment Partners among leaders as of the end of 2015

As of the end of 2015 assets under management of TKB Investment Partners rose by 128% (y/y) and reached RUB 275.7 billion (USD 3.8 billion). This puts the company in the fourth place among the largest Russian asset managers*.

In Q4 2015, the assets grew by 14% (q/q). Assets of international Russian equity funds and Russian institutional investors demonstrated particularly strong growth (q/q).

Assets of international Russian equity funds increased by 22% (q/q), with net inflow of RUB 5.6 billion (USD 76.8 million) thanks to the growing interest of foreign investors in the Russian market.

Assets of Russian institutional investors rose by 12% (q/q) (net inflow – RUB 22.4 billion (USD 307.3 million)). Assets of non-state pension funds increased by 12% (q/q), assets of insurance companies – by 17% (q/q).

Vladimir Kirillov, CEO of TKB Investment Partners (JSC): «We expect that foreign investors will show greater interest in the Russian market in 2016 as a result of improvements in the economy and high growth potential of ruble-nominated assets. Additional growth of TKB Investment Partners’ assets may come from the pension market which is expanding, and from the insurance market where we are collaborating actively with insurance companies on unit-linked products. As for individual investors, they may look to benefit from the Russian bond market where returns may be higher than interest on deposits, and so we anticipate asset growth in bond and balanced strategies. There is also potential for developing HNWI asset management, as changes in legislation create new opportunities in this market for asset managers and their clients».

* Preliminary data according to NRA and RAEX,