The NRA affirmed the financial strength rating of TKB Investment Partners (JSC) at the top «AAA Level» with the «stable» outlook

The National Rating Agency (NRA) affirmed the financial strength rating of TKB Investment Partners (JSC) at the top “AAA Level” with the “stable” outlook. The Company’s initial rating of April 22, 2004 was at the “AA Level”, and since 2007 it maintains the highest “AAA Level”.

The following factors insure the upholding of the top rating by TKB Investment Partners (JSC): a consistently high market standing of this asset management company, the growing assets under its management and advisory, profitable operations, highly diversified business (both across operational domains and customers) as well as its balanced investment strategy. The Agency also considers the long and successful history of Company’s operations at the Russian equity market, the high probability of owners’ support and stable partnerships with key customers.

Over the period under review (Q3 2015 to Q3 2016), the aggregate assets under the Company’s management and advisory grew by 28.5% and totaled to RUB 311.5 bln. A significant share (68%) of these managed assets come from non-state pension funds, followed by trust management investments (29%) and mutual funds’ assets (2%). The Company’s assets grew, in part, due to the 22.6% (+RUB 36 bln.) increase of pension savings to RUB 196 bln.

The insurance reserves managed by the asset management company also grew by 29% and reached RUB 24.4 bln. Since October 1, 2016 the volume of endowment funds under management rose to RUB 1 bln.

The assets of international funds under advisory have increased (+27.4% or + RUB 14 bln.) and continue to constitute a key segment in Company’s operations.

As at the end of Q3 2016, the Company also managed assets of mutual funds - 6 open-ended, 1 interval and 3 close-ended – with the NAV of RUB 7.2 bln.