Assets under TKB Investment Partners management and advisory exceed RUB 300 bn

Assets managed and advised by TKB Investment Partners grew up by RUB 8 bn in Q2 2016 from the previous quarter and exceeded RUB 301.5 bn.  

The highest growth was achieved in institutional investor assets (totaling above RUB 232 bn) and in international Russian equity funds (RUB 62.4 bn).  

Vladimir Kirillov, CEO TKB Investment Partners (JSC): “By the end of the Q2 2016 TKB Investment Partners (JSC) reached an all-time high in terms of assets under management and advisory in ruble terms, reinforcing its position in the asset management market. We have updated our historic maximums in assets of institutional investors, pension funds, fixed income instruments and insurers’ funds. These achievements were recognised by the Investfunds Awards with the Leader in Insurance Reserves under Management 2015 prize. In June 2016 RAEX Expert Agency affirmed the credit rating of and the service quality of TKB Investment Partners at А++ as “the exceptionally high/the highest credit rating and service quality” with the “stable” outlook, while Parvest Equity Russia Opportunities – an international Russian equity fund, to which we provide investment sub-advisory – has once again received the Lipper Fund Awards (UK) trophy for the best risk-adjusted return in the Equity Russia category”.