Assets managed and advised by TKB Investment Partners grew up by RUB 8 bn in Q2 2016 from the previous quarter and exceeded RUB 301.5 bn.
RAEX Expert Agency affirmed the credit rating of and the service quality by TKB Investment Partners investment manager at А++ as “the exceptionally high/the highest credit rating and service quality” with the “stable” outlook.
TKB Investment Partners has received an award in Investfunds Awards’ nomination “Leader in assets of insurance companies’ reserves under management in 2015”.
International fund ParvestEquityRussiaOpportunities, managed by TKB Investment Partners, received UK Lipper Fund Awards for best performance in “Russian equities” category.  
As of the end of 2015 assets under management of TKB Investment Partners rose by 128% (y/y) and reached RUB 275.7 billion (USD 3.8 billion).