Following the results of 2017, the asset management company TKB Investment Partners became the leader in management performance of pension savings of Russian citizens.

TKB Investment Partners made into top three major Russian investment managers in the RAEX ranking (Expert Agency RA) of 2017 outcomes and became the largest non-state asset manager.

In 2017 the Company celebrated its 15 years in business and the anniversary year proved to be especially successful as we reached record levels in assets under management, enhanced our clientele and launched a number of new products.

On October 19, the Moscow Ritz-Carlton hotel hosted the 20th New Economic Reality conference. The jubilee conference was organized by TKB Investment Partners asset management company and drew institutional investors.


RAEX Expert Agency affirmed the credit rating of and the service quality by TKB Investment Partners asset management company at А++ with the “stable” outlook.

The favorable rating indicates the high reliability of investing both managed and owned assets, as well as the high capital adequacy against payments after adjustments to the ratio.