Expert RA, a ranking agency, confirmed the A++ trust and service quality ranking of TKB Investment Partners (Joint Stock Company) with the stable outlook.

Alfred Berg Ryssland, a Swedish fund under TKB Investment Partners’ advisor, is strengthening its ESG integration strategy.

Starting in 2019 the Fund’s investment procedure includes stricter ESG factors. Now Russian companies are assessed against ESG criteria during an investment decision.


A new investment tool - structured investment product – is now available to Rosbank customers. The product was jointly developed by Societe Generale Group analytics and the TKB Investment Partners asset manager.


RAEX Expert Agency affirmed the credit rating and the service quality of TKB Investment Partners (JSC) asset manager at А++ with the “stable” outlook.


SEVERGAZBANK has signed an agreement with TKB Investment Partners (AO) and will sell shares in mutual funds managed by the asset manager.